Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chapter 16-20

How did my math get so scewed? For some reason, I thought that we needed to read five chapters a week to finish by the 31st, and here we are on the 25, and I have just finished the book... hmmm. Oh well.

What did everyone think?

Was there any particular part of the book that stood out to you?

What do you think the author was trying to convey to the reader?

Did he succeed?


shaffergray said...

I liked the book. I think if I keep in mind that this is a juvenile book, then I don't feel so disappointed. The overall story, I liked. I think I was wanting more depth? Details? And the ending left me feeling like something was missing. I don't know. The holocaust is a difficult subject. At least I would feel ok reading this to my son. It would be an easy way to discuss the holocaust with him. What stood out to me was the friendship between Bruno and Schmuel. I'm not sure what the author was trying to convey, but what I took away from it was to have acceptance of others.

shaffergray said...

also, I guess what goes around comes around for the Commandant.Perhaps there is a lesson there to treat others the way you would want to be treated. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie. The trailer looks good.

R.Naukana said...

This book was written intended for a teen audience. The subject of the holocaust is very difficult to write about because everything written would probably be very sad and appalling, so overall I think the author captured the essence of the holocaust in a PG-13 kind of way. The ending did leave me wanting for more. I wanted to know what happened to the commandant after he discovered what happened to Bruno. I wanted to know if what happened to Bruno made the commandant see the "holocaust" in a different perspective.